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Why Choose Orcelo®?

Choosing Orcelo® is easier than ever

If you are looking for products, services or solutions, Orcelo® is open to discuss and ensure that we can serve the best you deserve.
We Sell Quality


Software, network & security architects at Orcelo® have years of experience.


Orcelo® has developed security products and solutions for many years.


When it comes to processes and procedures, Orcelo® has your key to success.


Networking and Orcelo® goes well together, in its physical, logical or social forms.
Vulnerabilities & Exploits 70%
Fixed 20%
Slipped & Obscure 50%
“Vulnerabilities can only be patched if/when detected. In theory, most vulnerabilities should be and are identified and fixed. In reality, obscurity and the lack of concern could make things worse. If 70% of the software are vulnerable, 50% of them goes unnoticed and only 20% get fixed.”

Why choose security?

It is not the question of if, but when

Orcelo® tries to ensure that its customers understand the value of security is not behind the answer to the question “if”, but “when”.
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